Community Acupuncture

Treatments are provided in a group setting in reclined chairs and offered at affordable rates with a sliding scale. Needles are inserted in locations such as on the arms, legs, head and ears. Treatments are usually between 30-45 min long.

Community Acupuncture $40

Community Acupuncture w/ Ear Seeds $50



Private Acupuncture

Treatments are offered in a private room and include cupping &/or Tuina massage.

Consultation & Treatment: $80 for 50 min

Traditional Chinese Massage (Tuina) & Cupping

Massage & Cupping treatments are offered in a private treatment room.


Massage only, Massage with Cupping, or Cupping only.

$40 for 25min

$80 for 50min



Traditional Chinese Herbal Consultations

Consultations are offered in a private room. *Please note that consultation prices do not include herbal prescriptions.

Consultation: $40 for 25min

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